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    rip amy 9/14/83 — 7/23/11

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  4. MF DOOM

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    Warpaint Live at Roskilde Festival 2014. Photo by Nora Lorek.

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    "Real OG’s"

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    Rare Synths, Galore

  9. Currently in heavy rotation at my place.

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    **C60 C90 - Before the CD** 

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  11. Almost a year ago, I reviewed Hook & the Twin’s album Never Ever Ever for Planet Notion, and was contacted about their new release of Animals EP. The EP features four tracks, three of which are remixed material from their debut album, Never Ever Ever.

    ‘Animals’ was one of my favorites from their debut and was happy to see it appear remixed by The Cyclist. ‘Animals (The Cyclist Remix)’ is my favorite by far. It is upbeat, full of energy, and groovy in a 60s revival of old analog synths. If The Cyclist’s goal was to get listeners up and dancing, I must say: Mission Accomplished.

    'We're So Light (Cora Novoa Remix)' appears last on the album and is a complete 180 degree spin from its preceding, remix by H&TT. H&TT accentuated the positives of the original version of 'We're So Light,' but Cora Novoa did something else, something new, and in my opinion, something better. The track has a newly added house vibe to it and with the help of additional beats, she brings the track alive even more than before with more bass and more punch.

    With that being said, Animals EP releases today, June 23 from Dancing Coin and can be purchased on Hook & the Twin’s bandcamp, their website, or on iTunes.

    -Jess Edwards

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  13. Sometimes you have to get creative. I use CD cases as coasters in my apartment.

  14. Redesigned my website, so feel free to check it out.

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    "The Future is Always Now" Exhibit by Daniel Arsham